B Hotels & Resorts Launches Art Program at New Lake Buena Vista Resort

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL—B Resort, located in the Walt Disney World Resort here, is offering local artists and galleries the opportunity to showcase original works within its walls.

The hotel, which will open this year, is accepting submissions now through March 15.

The new “B Artistic Exhibit” will showcase the vibrant local art scene to travelers who come from around the world. Selected works from Central Florida’s artists and galleries will be displayed in the pre-function area of the meeting spaces. Guests will be able to purchase the displayed works, and all proceeds from art sales will go directly to the artists.

“We are looking for works that are inspired as well as welcoming and fun,” said Veronica Miranda, director of brand services for B Hotels & Resorts. “Selected pieces will be part of an eclectic display that complements the hotel’s playful and contemporary design. We are excited to implement this new community program throughout our brand, not only in Orlando but also at B Ocean (in Fort Lauderdale) and b2 Miami downtown.”

According to the company, it welcomes all mediums, including photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media. As a part of the B Artistic Program, the resort will also provide a studio space on property for a selected local artist to be used as his or her studio for a duration of one year for each artist. B Resort will also feature specialty classes and art activities in which guests of the resort will be invited to participate.

An expansion of the “Capturing Miami – You Should b2! Photography Contest” launched at b2 Miami downtown last year, B Resort will be the first property to launch the official local artist exhibit for the program. The B Artistic Program is slated to open exhibits later this year at other B Hotels & Resorts® properties: B Ocean Fort Lauderdale and b2 Miami downtown.

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