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At Hospitality at Market, Phillips Collection Expects a World of Design

For 35 years, Phillips Collection has been decorating hospitality spaces with organic, contemporary furnishings. With eco-friendly furniture, accessories, wall decor, lighting and sculpture, the Origins Collection features live-edge and reclaimed wood roots turned tables, stools, sculpture and accents. Phillips Collection’s new Elements Collection includes large-scale, stone sculptures and furnishings from around the world—amethyst from Brazil, onyx from Mexico and Indonesia, quartz from Thailand among other global pieces.

Phillips Collection has showrooms in Dallas; High Point, NC; Irvine, CA; Laguna, CA; Las Vegas; and Los Angeles. And, with a collection in a 250,000-sq.-ft. distribution center in High Point, Phillips Collection is a proud Hospitality at Market sponsor.

A virtual tour of Phillips Collection’s showroom can be seen here.

InspireDesign spoke with Jason Phillips, VP, Phillips Collection, about what the industry event means to the company, and about his thoughts regarding the future of hospitality design:

What inspires your designs? How and where do you seek inspiration?
Our mandate is that every piece has to have a story or inspiration behind it. We travel the world in search of the extraordinary—whether it’s a new material or capability, or perhaps a form in nature or seeking out new scale or application. We excel at rescuing colossal roots and celebrating their forms in a wide range of product categories. Inspiration is everywhere, and we look to nature as the ultimate teacher in design exploration.

What trends are you seeing in hotel design?
Hotels are looking for a unique identity and are taking risks not only in the common spaces but now within the guestrooms. Hotel designers are looking to create an experience, and our designs bring a fresh perspective to their spaces.

What’s new for Phillips Collection?
We have amazing dimensional wall art that provides spaces with an alternative to framed art. Our metal flower walls sculptures are a great example of how you can fill large walls with exciting layouts and dramatic scale. We also have a fully custom studio for our live-edge slabs which allows designers to pick their exact slab of wood and design specifications for a quick two-week turnaround for desks, coffee and end tables and conference and communal tables.

Why is Hospitality at Market so beneficial for hotel designers? What are you excited about this year?
The furniture industry has many sectors—residential, hospitality, commercial—and each a specific market and audience. But the lines have been blurred for many years now, and the residential furniture manufacturers have stepped up their game and can now service the hospitality and commercial spaces with product that meets the more stringent spec requirements. Why is this helpful for the designer? Because residential furniture suppliers have a vast range of designs that were previously not available to the hospitality industry. High Point Market is the largest furniture market in the country with thousands of vendors. Through amazing programs like Hospitality at Market, we are able to show them just how much great design is out there.