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At Hospitality at Market, A Job Very Well Done

For many, there’s satisfaction in a job well done. For Patrick Burke, AIA, principal of architecture, Michael Graves Architecture & Design, there’s a feeling of excitement to experience things that are very well done. It can be a great building, an interior design, a chair, a graphic design, a work of art, a meal—or even bread from a great bakery.

“It takes talent, experience, emotions, dedication and attention to execution to produce something great,” said Burke. “I just love experiencing great work because I appreciate what it took to produce that. We try to bring that level of serious focus and engagement in our own work.”

At Hospitality at Market, Burke is energized by the experience of walking through the many showrooms that are filled with inspiration. “It’s very well done and a great experience. Those are the two things that excite me the most in hospitality, and this event really lives up to my expectations,” said Burke. “In the design profession, you always have to keep up with what products are available and what companies are doing today. If you do not pay attention on a regular basis, your knowledge base can get outdated fairly quickly.”

The third annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 13-17. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

Burke knew about Hospitality at Market prior to going, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he saw the striking display of design showrooms with his own eyes. While there, he participated on a panel, “Four Pillars of Hospitality,” which was moderated by Baskervill’s VP of Hospitality Gary Inman and hosted by Bernhardt. On a guided tour led by designer Stacy Garcia, Burke was able to take in the expanse of Hospitality at Market.

“It’s a rush to walk through so many showrooms filled with so much great stuff. I was surprised to see how big the event is and how much there is to see. Also, it was fun to see great stuff through the eyes of another talented designer,” he said. “I had always thought that High Point was focused on the residential and domestic market, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it also had to offer to the world of hospitality.”

While there’s much to see in High Point, Burke noted that hospitality design is also about the long-term trends that play out over many years. Character and context are also important in his design work at Michael Graves Architecture & Design.

“We’re paying attention to the growth and evolution of an increasing collection of soft-branded hotels, the incorporation of current technology and sustainability, and the understanding that today’s guests expect better food & beverage and experiences; these are all long-term trends we see in hospitality,” he said.

“I have always recognized that we are designing for people. The primary focus is never on a flashy form, but on what the experience will be like for the people using our designs. We want to create high-quality experiences that are also effective and functional. I think that is particularly important in hospitality, as today’s guests are looking for special experiences. Nothing frustrates me more than a cool design for a guestroom where the functional aspects were not thought through very well.”

—Corris Little

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