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At Hospitality at Market, a Full Helping of Hospitality

An interior designer for 30 years, Barrett Design Studio CEO and Principal Designer Celia Barrett has an eye for beauty and aesthetics. Her design sense has been shaped by her time in New York City and her work with leading architectural firms.

In terms of hospitality design, Barrett’s belief is that travelers want to know where they are when they walk into a space and it’s her mission to help them understand the story behind the location. But, before there’s a design, there’s inspiration.

Barrett counts Hospitality at Market as one of the places where she “fills her cup” by visiting the countless showrooms on display—there’s more than 2,000 exhibitors—and connecting with creatives likes herself.

The third annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 13-17. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

“I learned about Hospitality at Market from other designers and a few vendors. I love High Point, so I was curious,” said Barrett. “High Point Market and Hospitality at Market are so very different than the other shows—and, I have attended them all. In some ways, it is oddly more relaxing. I do not feel as rushed. Also, the area around High Point is simply beautiful. I enjoy that.”

Maybe it’s the leisurely pace that is as slow as a Southerner’s lilt. Or, it could be the homespun warmth and down-home cooking. There’s something about the South that stays with you.

“Of course, I am going to a showroom and not just a booth. If I want to see more than the major display, the goods are there to see what I need to see. I love having access to the full showrooms,” she said. “My favorite thing about Hospitality at Market is the mix of high-end residential with hospitality. I enjoy designing for residential and feel that the hotels we design are a comfortable reflection of a high-end home.”

Hospitality at Market is a gateway for designers to see the old and new. “At High Point, I can keep up with trends and see how both design areas are connected. Trends are important but keeping those classic styles—also found at Hospitality at Market—and mixing the two make for good design,” she said.

There’s also the opportunity to forge new connections. “I enjoy learning about new vendors,” she added.

Barrett also relies on InspireDesign to help her maximize her time. “When you check out the What’s Hot section of InspireDesign, it just saves time. It’s a different angle on a trade show. Or, maybe it’s the original angle and it’s time to return to this more complete selection. I am happy to see InspireDesign covering Hospitality at Market. I think it’s a great match. Both the brand and the show march to their own drum, so to speak. I personally like that very much.”

—Corris Little

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