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Liliane Stacishin Moura will be on the InspireDesign panel at Hospitality at Market.

“We bring design to life,” said Liliane Stacishin Moura, VP of business development, Benjamin West, as she explains the role of the FF&E and OS&E purchasing firm. “Someone designs and specifies…every single detail is done by the interior designer. We are brought in by the ownership to source it and purchase it.”

For  Moura and the team at Benjamin West, there are a whole series of steps and processes that occur from design and idea to concept to execution.

“Our job is to present bids to the client and guide the client to make the right decision that is the best for their project. We produce the purchase order and make all the payments necessary to the vendor. We coordinate the logistics for pick up, delivery and installation,” said Moura. “We deal directly with factories to bring the design to life, on budget and delivered on time. We are the ones to reach out.”

For the past six years, Moura’s career has been focused on international business development and now, she is back in the U.S. During her travels, she enjoys going to the big shows in which vendors are participating. “It really reflects all that is going on in the industry as far as manufacturing capabilities. The U.S. is where you have the new creative ideas coming out. At High Point, I can only imagine—especially now that people want to buy American—it becomes even more important to understand the capabilities that are possible to be produced in the U.S. I want to learn from the vendors in their hometown and territory.”

The third annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 13-17. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

With 180 buildings, 11.5 million sq. ft. of show space and tens of thousands of new product introductions, Moura is intrigued by the upcoming Hospitality at Market and everything it has to offer.

“There’s the mix between hospitality and residential that is becoming more blended. The hospitality side wants that homey, comfortable and familiar feel to their hotels, while residential side wants to bring that that sophisticated or unique design into their homes,” she said. “I’m excited. I love walking around the booths and I’m amazed by the possibilities. It’s inspiring. Even though our focus is to protect the clients’ investments, that means we also need to have a good idea of what is possible.”

When it comes to the procurement of FF&E and OS&E, Moura noted that people sometimes ask her, “How do you do it?” Her answer: A strong focus on the details.

“The details are important. For the layperson, someone may just experience the design. It may look familiar, but when you have to make it happen, it can be different in how you get it done. There’s something about it, the quality and the finish,” she said. “Great design, to me, is about feeling so comfortable that you don’t know why, but you want to be there and can’t pinpoint why. Every single detail is right, and we are part of making the design right.”

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