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Ascenti Launches AR/VR App

Custom lighting manufacturer Ascenti Lighting has launched an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) lighting app, giving architects and designers the tools they need to create and evaluate their designs remotely. The Ascenti app provides a safe and secure solution for architects and designers to keep projects moving forward and meet deadlines during and after the coronavirus health crisis.

State-of-the-art AR capabilities allow architects and designers to view and modify custom fixtures from any room in real time, eliminating the need to visit project sites in person. They can also use the app on-site to show their clients what the fixture would look like in the intended space.

After users enter their secure personalized code, the app superimposes their custom fixtures directly onto the live space through their screen. Users can adjust the custom light fixture’s size and placement with their fingers to meet their exact specifications before finalizing their specifications. They can also turn the design intent’s photometric web on and off to better understand the fixture’s lighting effects.

John Fox, president of Ascenti Lighting, wanted to equip architects, interior designers and lighting industry professionals with a simple yet powerful tool to streamline and personalize the custom lighting process.

“The app also gives our clients the ability to overcome challenges caused by the current health crisis,” Fox said. “Now, architects and designers can accomplish project milestones as originally planned from the safety of their homes or offices.”

The user-friendly app includes a simple tutorial to help architects and designers place 3D models inside a space, giving them the ability to instantly visualize custom light fixtures with an iPhone or iPad.

With the Ascenti app, there’s no need to travel to showrooms or warehouses to experience Ascenti Lighting’s products in action. Users can enhance customer communication efforts with the app by sharing and presenting custom lighting options to their clients in real time. App users can continue practicing social distancing and observing isolation guidelines amid the health crisis without affecting project timelines and progress.

Built on a highly secure platform, the Ascenti app gives architects and designers the peace of mind they need to complete projects while abiding by their nondisclosure agreements, according to the company. Each user receives a personalized code to view their designs with Asecenti Lighting, adding an extra layer of security and privacy to protect proprietary client information.

“We’re a technology-driven company,” Fox said. “Our ultimate goal is to make our clients’ jobs and lives easier. The Ascenti app does that and more with advanced AR and VR capabilities. Users simply enter their personalized code, place their 3D model anywhere in the room and watch their designs come to life before their very eyes.”

Architects, interior designers and lighting designers in search of inspiration can take advantage of the Ascenti app’s VR features. Users may transport themselves to spaces around the world and experience lighting design projects with realistic 360-degree panoramas.

Ascenti Lighting’s patent-pending Circadian-Safe LED systems help people enjoy the benefits of natural light exposure indoors, for example, by harnessing the blue light that entraps their circadian rhythms and encourages better sleep quality.

“By shifting from blue-rich environments in the daytime to low-blue environments during the evening hours, Circadian-Safe LEDs are uniquely positioned to support this approach in your designs,” Fox said.

“We strive to transform imagination into reality every day,” Fox said. “By developing these exciting and innovative tools, we hope we’re helping our clients enter a new era of design. As we’re spending more and more time indoors due to current events, we must remember to harness the power of light, maintain our health and enhance each other’s everyday experiences.”