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All About Art

Roy Caro, founder of The Picturalist, shared with us his insight on a classic design essential: art. Caro laid out three points about artwork in the hospitality space, noting some trends to watch out for:

Art in Hotels
“Procuring and showing art in all shapes has been associated with the hotel experience for several decades now, with luxury brands highlighting local artists artwork and museum-quality prints,” Caro said.

He mentioned that art has scientifically proven benefits on health—contributing to emotions and well-being, which now, the industry could use a lot of.

“Numerous studies have proven the positive effects art has on the viewer associated with contemplation of art. Interior designers have long insisted on the value of displaying artwork, in hotel rooms and lobbies,” he said. “They realize they can be a positive ‘mood changer’ as well. Art has become a fundamental staple of today’s hotel design. Decor is part of the package and experience hotels offer their guests. It can also provide an opportunity for hotels to bond with local artists and showcase their artwork to a select audience. Hotel guests enjoy the art displayed in hotel lobbies and rooms.”

Actively Supporting Local Artists
“Artists once depended only on galleries to showcase their work and be ‘discovered,’ but more hotels now actively seek and support new talent in that role,” Caro noted. “Commissioning or purchasing art merely for the purposes of decoration can also highlight midcareer artists whose works haven’t been spotted yet by collectors. Nurturing the artist is an aspect that is so often forgotten.”

Large Format Art
“Installing large diptychs and triptychs has become an increasingly popular way for hotels to spice up lobbies and especially the background of reception desks,” Caro said. “Guests have the opportunity to look at art and make their check-in process more pleasant. Depending on the style of the art shown, it can also create a bond between them and the spirit of the hotel and confirm they have arrived at the right place. Hotels cannot be separated from the art that entwines their experience. A discerning guest will always consider interior design and the selection of art in their ranking of the sophistication level of the premises.”