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A Window Into Treatment Designs

Window treatments can set the tone for an entire room design, allowing just the right natural light into a space. InspireDesign spoke with Dwayne MacEwen, principal/creative director, DMAC Architecture, to get his take on the latest in window treatment design.

What are some of the latest trends in window treatments?

Window treatments do more than offer privacy and keep the sun out. They are an important design feature that participates in the overall aesthetic and performance objectives of the space. Acoustical drapery can also help the space perform better and high-tech fabrics like printed acoustic sheers by Carnegie Fabrics are designed keeping that specific function in mind. We used this product for the design of Greenwood American Kitchen & Bar in Highwood, IL as a means to partition space, as well as dampen noise between a private event and the main dining room.

What fabrics are popular right now?

Digital printed fabrics as well as die-cut patterns and textures offer custom solutions without the requirement for large production runs. Drapery is no longer the backdrop, but in many cases, makes the design statement!

What are some of the advantages of acoustical sheers?

Acoustical sheers offer the advantages of providing light control, UV protection, privacy and significant sound reduction in a space. We like using acoustic sheers for their versatility as this product complements the architecture of a space, along with all the added benefits.

What about roller shades?

Roller shades are a great option—sometimes paired with drapery—for modern spaces with walls of glass where there is limited wall space to accommodate stack depth or where the views are just too spectacular to give anything away. Roller shades are also great on east and west exposures where partially closed roller shades can serve as a visor to protect from the sun while maintaining views.

What do sheer curtains add to a project?

Sometimes window treatments are situated on the outside where wood and metal screens can filter light and maintain privacy, while allowing views out based on slat spacing proximity and the slat/veil gap. Sheer curtains bring in the added warmth and dimension to a space, providing adequate privacy while maintaining views and, at the same time, these treatments bring in diffused light.