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A True Family Furniture Collection

Craft furniture creator Norcross Furniture Company recently launched four new custom luxury collections for hotels and resorts worldwide.

The Albert, Anne, William and Kay Collections include fully customizable sets of seating, casegoods and headboards that celebrate varying design styles and aesthetics.

“The collections are extremely versatile and perfect for myriad design aesthetics,” said Carson Norcross, president/owner of the company. “The color and upholstery, as well as any metal details, can be customized to your design or from a selection of Norcross Furniture Company’s finish selections.”

Here, Norcross describes each collection:

The Albert Collection

“Finished with a walnut veneer, The Albert Collection reflects a masculine and woodsy style without sacrificing sophistication. This collection is named after my namesake—my grandfather Harold Albert Norcross, my father Mark Albert Norcross and my son Hayden Albert Norcross,” he said.

The Anne Collection

“The Anne Collection is named after my mother, Rena Anne Ritch Norcross,” he said. “Inspired by Mid-Century design, it cohesively marries femininity with masculinity, highlighting both soft, feminine curves and angular edges.”

The Kay Collection

“The Kay Collection is named after my wife, Natalie Kay Addis Norcross, and my mother-in-law, Shiela Kay Addis. Inspired by Mid-Century design, this collection boasts sophisticated, feminine curves. The simplicity of The Kay collection highlights its versatility,” he said.

The William Collection

“The William Collection is named after my late father-in-law, Gerald William Addis, and my son, Huntington William Norcross. These products are sleek and masculine, showcasing bold colors and stunning carved details that highlight their elegance,” he said.