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A Trio of Projects for PDG

PDG Studios recently completed three hospitality design projects all taking inspiration from their natural surroundings: the Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman in Montana, the Hilton Garden Inn Sunnyvale in California and the Hilton Garden Inn Burbank in California. We asked PDG Studios’ Owner/Principal Designer Lisa Haude about how she included signature elements of the Hilton Garden Inn brand while adding unique features to each hotel:

Just because a property is branded doesn’t mean it has to be cookie-cutter. How did you stay true to the Hilton Garden Inn brand for all of these projects, while creating customized personalities for each?

We believe every property has a unique story to be told that is authentic to its location. We carefully curate those ideas and inspiration and weave in those one-of-a-kind, iconic elements from the brand to make it part of the story.

The brand, in general, favors organic, vibrant multi-hued colors that reflect our natural surroundings that are welcoming, comfortable and inviting. By combing textures, patterns, color—all inspired by our location—we can then layer in those unexpected pops that help create a custom design for each property, making them feel less cookie-cutter.

Hilton Garden Inn Sunnyvale
Hilton Garden Inn Sunnyvale

For each of the projects: What was the inspiration behind this project? How does this inspiration reveal itself throughout the design?

Bozeman: The inspiration behind the Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman project was to create a mountain modern retreat that featured casual lines and native materials to help refresh the soul. This design concept was carefully curated and executed throughout the building by mixing raw materials (exposed wood/beams, live raw-edge tops, etc.) with smooth, modern cuts of stone. Clean, yet comfortable modern lines were used for seating that were upholstered in timeless textures and accentuated with bold pops of color. Unique art, inspired by the location, was integrated throughout to further provide an authentic sense of place.

Sunnyvale: The inspiration behind Hilton Garden Inn Sunnyvale was to bring to life a casual, yet sophisticated environment that highlights the natural beauty of our surroundings. A big inspiration for the design was state bird, the California Quail, which is known for its rich, gray breast, curious forward-looping black head plume and golden belly feathers. The design naturally came to life by introducing unexpected mixes of materials, strong geometric lines and subtle introductions of curves to help counter the strong linear components. This juxtaposition of materials and lines can be seen from the moment you approach the building. There is a playful way that the lines are blurred and the spaces interact with inside and outside of the building, as materials are interwoven throughout. Natural wood tones, grays and golden undertones, inspired by the California sun and surrounding valleys, are reflected throughout with bold pops of blue, which are reminiscent of the bright blue endless skies and water.

Burbank: For the design of the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Burbank, we were inspired by the strong, Spanish roots and equestrian ranches of the surrounding areas. This design provides a playful and colorful backdrop to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Rich, warm wood tones, rustic beams, natural stones and metal details work together to create the backdrop with bold, colorful and dramatic patterns—inspired by the Spanish heritage— which are visible throughout.

Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman
Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman

How would you describe the ambiance and feel of the space?

Bozeman: The overall ambience of this space yields comfort, peace and tranquility that feels fresh and inviting. The bright colors are unexpected, yet feel perfectly cohesive.

Sunnyvale: This hotel evokes the feeling of that fresh, youthful, carefree California lifestyle that we all yearn for.

Burbank: HGI Downtown Burbank is fun, vibrant and refreshing. The design feels upscale, yet still approachable.

Hilton Garden Inn Burbank
Hilton Garden Inn Burbank

What would you say are the key, signature moments of the design?

Bozeman: Unexpected pops of color play a key role in the design of this hotel. The vibrant hues are fresh and playful, which is just want Bozeman guests need during and after long, cold winters.

Sunnyvale: We incorporated a beautiful mixture of natural materials that speak to the intermixing of indoor/outdoor living, which California is perfect for.

Burbank: This design includes a unique mix of wood, pattern and color. The rustic essence feels very natural and not overdone, which helps guests seamlessly connect to the beautiful California landscape.