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A Sinful Design

With a name like Sinner, it’s no wonder that the new Parisian hotel aims to be provocative—yet elegant—conceived to push boundaries and break rules. The 43-room Tristan Auer-designed property is the third in French hospitality group Evok’s portfolio in Paris, following Nolinski and Brach, and it aims to both embody irreverence and luxury at the same time.

According to Emmanuel Sauvage, co-founder of Evok, the inspiration behind the property was its Le Marais district. “The neighborhood was a big part of our inspiration—its history and evolution from the 13th century until today,” he said. “The hotel is a blend of religious heritage, opulent rooms and spectacular spaces. Sinner is festive and offers distinctive and daring interiors to evoke a monastic aesthetic.”

Design elements include vaulted archways; gothic-inspired candelabras; stained-glass windows; red doors with knockers and peepholes inspired by carriage porches; an installation of chained metal pipes hanging by the lifts; and a candlelit crypt opposite reception, home to a cabinet of curiosities, which serves as Sinner’s curated concept store. Dark, lantern-lit hallways lead to guestrooms defined by clean lines and playful prints.

The lobby leads to a double-height bar and restaurant, while the hotel spa, Ablutio, is hidden behind an underground nail-studded door.


“To define Sinner’s DNA, Auer first rooted his work in the memory of this neighborhood, which was once home to religious orders, then the aristocracy, and has now become one of the hot spots for creativity and creation,” Sauvage said. “Tristan Auer eschews the latest trends in preference for expressive clashes of artistic styles, and combinations of eras which offers a unique interpretation to the destination.”

It’s the partnerships that make the design details shine, Sauvage said. “We partnered with local curators, such as Fred Viktor, who selected the music played in the hotel and vinyls in the guestrooms. We worked with an art gallery director and literary expert to specially select the books and art offered at the property. We have over 400 pieces of art displayed throughout the hotel,” he added.

His favorite element? “Pierre Paulin, the French furniture and interior designer, had created a couch specially for Sinner. It’s so vibrant and adds a pop of color to the guestroom,” Sauvage said.