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The Renaissance Dallas Hotel by Marriott will soon complete a $17-million guestroom renovation to better match the brand and “Today’s Dallas.”

“Our charge is to evolve the Renaissance Dallas so that it inherits today’s Renaissance brand in creating moments of discovery and wonder, reflecting the influence of today’s Dallas,” said Josh Harrison, senior associate with Flick Mars. “Dallas itself is evolving and continues to do so. Big D is booming. The resilience of Dallas’ economy and business has attracted new residents, which has supported a development boom in many sectors. Areas of town once neglected are being revitalized. New local hot spots are changing the map of social culture with places such as Trinity Groves, South Side of Lamar and Knox Henderson.”

The 30-story landmark hotel will soon feature new furnishings and an updated design of all 484 guestrooms and 30 suites. “A memorable arrival sequence within the tower begins at the guestroom corridors via a series of framed portals, imparting a feeling of suspense,” said Harrison. “The corridors and guestroom evoke the organic peacefulness of the Trinity River, which is the conduit interconnecting the areas together. It won’t just be a hotel stay; it will be a new Dallas experience.”

Upon entering the redesigned rooms, guests will be welcomed with classic materials, such as marble and glass, welcoming colors and modern furniture that seamlessly connects guestrooms with the hotel’s overall aesthetic. “I find inherent beauty in natural finishes from stones, wood finishes and materials,” he said. “Interest is provided through textures and the balance of these materials within the space.”

Each guestroom will display artwork inspired by local scenery, giving guests a true taste of Texas. Landscape murals, featuring inviting colors, will provide a high-end distinctive design to match the ambiance throughout the hotel. “All artwork was custom designed for the space, invoking a sense of peace and serenity as you rest in your personal environment,” said Harrison.