A play on color

ovre.design has restyled Hotel Salus in Jesolo, Italy, breathing new life into the rooms and bathrooms, the corridor areas, the external facade and common areas. The hotel is a family-run property located near the sea with 45 rooms.

“The goal of the property was to create a ’boutique’ environment with a well-defined and linear style that could play on selected shades of color,” said Giulia Delpiano, cofounder/executive director, ovre.design.

The strong creative imprint of ovre.design resulted in room layouts with customized solutions for each unit, where rooms have been enlarged or merged to characterize them with contemporary furnishing and spatial elements. The first intervention, carried out in collaboration with Hospitality Project and TeamWork, focused on the layout and was aimed at offering customers comfortable and generously sized rooms for a four-star hotel.

“A hotel product must sell and this is a basic theme in the renovation concepts we follow,” said Corrado Conti, cofounder/creative director, ovre.design. “From the very beginning, the goal was to create original rooms from an aesthetic point of view, while enhancing their elegance and comfort as determining factors for the customer’s choice.”

Rooms are characterized by the choice of colors, textures, finishes, furnishings and furnishing accessories that recall well-being and Italian style. The wallpapers by Inkiostro Bianco have a jungle motif for the green rooms and more delicate burgundy motifs on cherry for the rooms in shades of pink. The lighting project was curated by ovre.design with Aromas del Campo, all furniture was custom designed by the studio and made by Concreta, an interior contractor from Valtellina who also took care of the textiles and the LVT glued herringbone floors were supplied by Eco Design.

The corridor areas feature Eco Design carpets. The facade of the Hotel Salus has also been completely redesigned, choosing a pearl-gray color with a shade of green on the bottom of the balcony, which becomes darker and darker as it rises upwards for an even more pleasant aesthetic impact, particularly if seen from the sea.

The renovation work in the bathrooms enhanced the spaces, giving them brightness and usability with the insertion of a large shower, custom-designed furniture and Florim stoneware cladding proposed in various forms.