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Ginger opened its first prototype hotel with a complete new brand identity in Panjim, Goa.

The brand’s portfolio of 45-plus hotels will be soon undergo a redesign to reflect the new brand identity and brand promise.

The Ginger brand journey is aligned to Aspiration 2022 that defines a brandscape that addresses diverse customer segments and price points,” said Puneet Chhatwal, managing director/CEO of The Indian Hotels Company Limited. “It will be an important growth vehicle for the company and we are looking at quickly scaling up the brand to a large number of hotels across India.”

The new identity of Ginger presents a co-existence of contrasts through re-imagined spaces blurring the lines of work and play, bringing about a fusion of global and local and create experiences that are vibrant, quirky, intuitive and smart, according to the company.

“The brand is slated to appeal to an on-the-go lifestyle and is anchored in the idea of seamlessness, facilitating a ‘never stop’ lifestyle,” said Deepika Rao, managing director/CEO of the brand.“Ginger will now be an aspirational hotel chain that is also surprisingly affordable.”

The redesigned spaces will bring together attractive public areas as well as spots designed for solitude, allowing the smooth transition from one to the other. They come alive with vivacious high energy local music and unique artwork installations. All-day diner Café Et Cetera offers comfort food and doubles as a personal workstation.

The service style is designed around the on-the-go lifestyle of the target audience enabling them to do more whether it is on-the-go breakfast, express laundry service or quick munch snack bars.