A fantasy in the sky

The recently opened Somewhere Nowhere NYC—a two-level indoor lounge and open-air rooftop pool venue that sits at the top of the Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel on the 38th and 39th floors—was designed to “send guests on a sensory excursion from the minute they set foot in the space, tantalizing all five senses.”

The 5,516-sq.-ft. luxury day and nightlife destination artfully merges progressive sound and lighting technology with garden-inspired decor and magical design to indulge guests in an immersive experience.

“I wanted to capture a larger-than-life, magical feel with the design of Somewhere Nowhere,” said Iris Tang, brand director, El Groupo SN, operators of Somewhere Nowhere. “Nathan [Leong], Sameer [Qureshi, founders and managing partners of El Group SN] and I are huge fans of the fantasy genre, so our goal was to create a space that incorporated the luxe elements of NYC nightlife while weaving in a magical other-worldly vibe at the same time. We wanted guests to walk into a dreamlike atmosphere at Somewhere Nowhere and that’s exactly what we did with this space.”

Architecture firm Stonehill Taylor worked with Tang to incorporate design elements including a decadent arched entry that leads guests through a dreamlike passageway, custom art pieces of gnomes and fireflies, neon signs and lantern sconces.

The venue’s vibrant lights to the state-of-the-art sound system, to designs by DNA Illuminations, to the scent of a magical forest gracing the air bring the fantasy atmosphere to life. The decor team, Let It Be Made 8, used vibrant lights throughout the venue to complement the art installations and whimsical atmosphere that follows an intentional progression from day to night.

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