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A Different Kind of Art Showcase

BlackBook Presents is a new experiential art gallery created through a partnership between designer Mark Zeff’s BLACKBARN lifestyle brand and integrated media hub, BlackBook; at its core, BlackBook Presents is an art gallery for both iconic and emerging talent and will also act as an experiential event space.

It will feature design objects curated and designed by Zeff as part of a physical and online retail experience, an event space that will produce bespoke events, and a content, video and podcast studio that integrates branding at its waterfront location in Dumbo. Officially launching with a triad of provocative exhibitions covering gender and socio-political topics early this year.

“For BlackBook Presents, we wanted to showcase art in a very different way; we are taking an integrated approach to a gallery that connects digital platforms with a brick-and-mortar location,” Zeff said. “The gallery was also formed around the concept of going into the life and work of artists, and telling their story above the surface level. BlackBook was the perfect partner for BLACKBARN in this venture because they have a history releasing innovative content, and have a similar vision.”